Founded by Mercedes Aguino, Casa Q is one of South Florida’s leading interior design firms with over 35 years of experience in architectural home design and building.

Casa Q has a reputation for creating exceptional homes possessing a fine balance of intuitive, beautiful design with contemporary yet timeless elegance.  With an eye for meticulous planning and execution, Casa Q will help you from the conception and planning stage until the day you turn the key in the door of your elegant new home.







Specializing in turnkey projects, we ensure that your house is a home that is not only functional, but truly exceptional in quality and made to be loved.  It is our ability to perfect the small details while simultaneously managing the overall project that sets our firm apart.  However, we are far more than just architectural designers.

Our project managers’ expertise covers every aspect of designing and building homes.  Whether working alongside an existing team or managing every step in-house, our processes ensure a seamless progression from conception to completion.

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Tel: (305) 254-3376

561 NE 79th St, Unit 340

Miami, FL 33138

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